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If I am your lawyer, I will fight for your rights to due process in a criminal matter or compensation in a civil matter. Your long-term best interests are the focus of this firm.

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From the beginning of my legal career, I have been taking high-stakes criminal and civil cases before judges and juries. I am attorney Eric Mogy, founder and owner of The Mogy Law Firm in Memphis. I approach every case with a determination to apply the law as skillfully as I can to the unique facts at hand.

I fight to win, but the meaning of a win varies from case to case. The most important success is for you to realize you have received effective representation yielding the best results achievable in your case. If I represent you in a criminal investigation or a car wreck claim, I will keep you well informed. As we work together, our goal will be to develop and implement strategies that support your interests. I am prepared to work hard to bring about a favorable outcome that will restore your hope for the future.

Representing Clients From All Walks Of Life In Cases Large And Small

Your legal matter in Tennessee is critically important to you — and if I am your attorney, it will be my vital concern, as well. Working with a lawyer you can trust will be an asset to your DUI or motorcycle accident case. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you. I am prepared to fight for your freedom, your future and/or fair compensation. I am known as a skilled litigator who listens to clients’ perspective and develops plans based on them.

My Background And Approach

I began my legal career in a small law firm and realized before long that a sole practice would allow me to serve my clients as flexibly as I could. Together with my talented support staff, I handle a wide range of cases at any given time — from alleged murders to driver’s license suspensions and from soft-tissue injuries to catastrophic injury cases.

Whether I am fighting for your rights before a prosecutor or an insurance claims adjuster, I will endeavor to present a compelling case for your right to a fair defense or fair compensation.

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To learn how can be your strong advocate in criminal or civil law matters, explore this website and send an email inquiry or call 901-443-9133.

Ask about my 25 percent contingency fee for personal injury cases. I look forward to hearing from you.