You Are Innocent Unless Proven Guilty In A Drug Crime Case

Drug crime cases are common in our country. In some cases such as drug trafficking involving large quantities of dangerous illegal drugs, law enforcement agents succeed at getting these hazards off the streets. In other cases, the “war on drugs” seems overzealous as police commit illegal search and seizure operations. They often accuse alleged coconspirators who did not participate in wrongdoing or turn routine traffic stops into aggressive pursuits of anything they can find to file charges on.

Do you face cocaine charges or accusations of possession of marijuana in Tennessee? I am Eric Mogy and I’m here for you. I will let you know your rights! Time is of the essence. You need to know your options so you can have the best possible outcome when charged with:

  • Simple possession misdemeanor charges involving quantities suitable for personal use
  • Unlawful manufacturing or possession with intent to deliver felony charges involving quantities usually handled by interstate traffickers and drug dealers
  • Criminal possession of prescription narcotics that you were carrying in any other way than in a marked prescription container

Some offense may be prosecuted on both a state and federal level. Don’t get caught in the trap of not knowing. Call me to protect your constitutional rights!

What Will A Successful Case Look Like In Your Case?

A criminal case based on allegations of possession or distribution of controlled substances is a serious legal matter. A conviction would leave you with a criminal record, limiting your life choices for years to come. To protect your freedom and future, work closely with a defense attorney at Mogy Law Firm in Memphis. There is no substitute for a trusting attorney-client relationship. Depending on the facts of your case, I may be able to help you obtain a favorable outcome such as:

  • Dismissal of charges
  • Reduction of charges
  • Deferred adjudication with probation, possibly in combination with your commitment to therapy or treatment if drug dependency is a problem for you
  • Processing of your case through the drug court in Shelby County that emphasizes a therapeutic approach rather than a punitive one
  • Transfer of your case from federal to state court or from felony to misdemeanor charges, with less serious repercussions

Get An Experienced, Dedicated Defense Lawyer On Your Side

I am here to help you discover the best way forward after a Tennessee arrest. My criminal defense practice includes cases involving drug charges, DUI/DWI charges and more.

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