Keep Your Driving Privileges And Protect Your Record After A DUI/DWI Arrest

A DUI/DWI case usually triggers several critical issues at the same time:

  • You need to recover and keep your driving privileges
  • You may need help to stay out of jail
  • You want to conclude your case with no criminal record on the books

Please do not panic or torture yourself with feelings of shame after a drunk driving arrest. Many, many people who have never been in trouble with the law before have found themselves in your shoes. With quality legal counsel, there is often a positive way forward after a DUI/DWI arrest.

What Were The Circumstances?

Perhaps you left a party where you had just a drink or two and were arrested after another vehicle struck yours in a minor fender bender.

You may have been in a more serious accident and now face charges of vehicular assault or DUI homicide.

You may have been caught in a dragnet operation.

You may not have drunk any alcohol at all, but rather, you were arrested on suspicion of impairment due to prescription medications.

This may have been your first DUI/DWI arrest or it may have come after multiple previous offenses and convictions.

Whatever the circumstances, this legal matter is no doubt a scary, traumatic event in your life. There is often hope for a favorable outcome if you take action right away.

Mogy Law Firm: A Valuable Resource In Memphis

At Mogy Law Firm, we are interested in helping you get through this criminal law challenge with as little harm done to your future as possible. I am attorney Eric Mogy and I am prepared to dedicate my experience and skills to advocate on your behalf.

  • I can help you get out of jail right after the arrest.
  • I can work to help you keep your driver’s license.
  • I can represent you before a prosecutor or in criminal court before a judge.
  • If I represent you, I will fight to limit or eliminate DUI penalties you may face.

I am ready now to begin the detailed, probing investigation into the facts. If I represent you, I will use evidence to build a strong defense for you. Was the traffic stop unjustified? Did the police fail to inform you of your rights? Was the Breathalyzer calibrated and certified to be working right? Digging into these and other critical issues may provide the necessary evidence for a successful defense.

Serious Traffic Offenses

Even if there was no DUI involved, you may face similar legal challenges if you were cited for a traffic violation such as:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while your license was revoked or suspended

I take on difficult traffic ticket cases and often help clients avoid damage to their driving record.

A Tennessee Lawyer And Champion For The Rights Of The Accused

Time is of the essence if you have been charged with DUI/DWI or a serious traffic violation. Do not delay. Call now and schedule a consultation. Learn how the firm can protect your rights starting right away. Call or email me through this website to schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Se habla español.