After A Fall, You Could Be Dealing With A Frustrating Injury

Both building owners and homeowners are required to provide reasonably safe conditions on their property. When that doesn’t happen, it can lead to serious injuries. I am Eric Mogy, founder of Mogy Law Firm. For 10 years, I have helped clients from all walks of life, including those in the Hispanic community. With offices in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky, I can help you seek maximum compensation for your slip-and-fall injury.

These Accidents Happen For All Types Of Reasons

Premises liability claims arise for a variety of reasons. Store owners, for example, might have forgotten to shovel their front walk. As a result, you’ve slipped and now are dealing with a broken ankle. Perhaps your landlord has said he will fix that faulty step that leads to your third-floor apartment. With poor lighting, you trip and now are nursing a fractured wrist. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, I am here for you. I created a smaller firm in order to give clients the one-on-one representation they deserve.

My job is to hold negligent parties accountable. Whether this accomplished by negotiating on your behalf or fighting in court, I will not back down from a challenge. After examining your case, I can provide you with tailored solutions and discuss next steps. Personal injury claims are not always cut and dry. I gather evidence, talk with necessary witnesses and review your medical exams. In doing so, it helps me recover the maximum amount of compensation for you and your situation. You can use this compensation to pay for the pain and suffering you have had to deal with, as well as your medical expenses and lost wages.

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I charge less than my competitors—25% in personal injury cases—and will never take more money than we recover.

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