Charged With A Crime? Here’s What To Expect In A Nutshell.

On this webpage, you will find a summary of a typical criminal case. Keep in mind it is only intended to give an example of many possible paths your case may go on after you have been investigated, arrested and/or charged on suspicion of:

The facts of your case, the quality of the evidence, the tendencies of the prosecutor or judge, your own priorities and other variables will help determine the final results after an arrest and charges.

Many clients of Mogy Law Firm have found it useful to get an idea ahead of time of what’s likely to happen in their cases. For best results, talk to an attorney who can help you understand your own criminal matter. Discuss how you can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome at every stage of your case. You may face a sequence of events like this:

First: An alleged incident triggers an investigation or arrest.

Next: Law enforcement agents investigate and/or arrest someone. This may have already happened to you and perhaps co-defendants, as well.

After the arrest: A prosecuting attorney with the district attorney’s office (DA) will review the evidence and decide on the charges to bring: a misdemeanor, a felony or more than one alleged offenses.

If charges are filed: There may be an option to post bail and stay out of jail or you may remain in custody until arraignment — appearance before a judge. You will enter a plea of innocent, guilty or another plea.

Pretrial conference: You, your attorney and the prosecutor may reach a settlement before your case goes before a judge. A skilled, creative defense lawyer on your side will pursue every option available to you — perhaps probation, deferred adjudication, first-time offender opportunities or another outcome. This may end your case (for now), allowing you to avoid going to court.

Trial: If there was no resolution in a pretrial conference, your attorney will represent you before a judge and/or jury. Your defense will focus on whatever strengths your case has to offer.

Sentencing: If you are convicted, a judge will determine your jail or prison sentence. Your attorney will advocate for you through this phase and beyond, seeking to mitigate negative repercussions in any way that is available in your case.

Appeals and other post-conviction relief: You may continue to fight for a better outcome by seeking a retrial, parole or expungement. Work closely with your defense attorney to consider all options if your case has gone this far.

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