Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Personal Injury Claims

After being involved in an accident, many people are unsure where to start. I am Eric Mogy, and I founded Mogy Law Firm 10 years ago in order to help those who need it most.

Having a lawyer you can trust is imperative. After reading through the list of frequently asked questions below, contact my office to schedule a free consultation at 901-443-4592. I can help you with your personal injury case in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. Specifically, my offices are located in Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham and Louisville.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

While it is possible to handle a claim on your own, it is not smart. Many people are worried they will lose money by hiring an attorney. In reality, you will probably end up with less money than you deserve if you don’t hire an attorney. Even after my fees, which are 25% compared to the usual 33-40%, you could still come out ahead of where you would be without an attorney helping you maximize your claim.

What About My Damaged Property?

An experienced personal injury attorney can help with every aspect of a case. I have helped many clients who are Hispanic. They are often the most frustrated because it is hard for them to navigate this process when English is not their first language. I can take care of all of this on your behalf.

Are The Laws The Same In Every State?

No. Each state has specific laws put in place that must be followed. This means that a claim I handle in Kentucky may have a different outcome than a similar one in Alabama. Regardless of which state you were injured in, I will always do my best to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Every case is different and it is hard to make a judgment without gathering more information. I take the time to examine all areas of a case. I can then provide you with honest feedback.

I am always upfront about my findings and what you can expect. As previously mentioned, I will do whatever it takes to recover the highest possible settlement. Se habla español.