Understanding Your Rights As A Landlord

As a landlord, it can be incredibly frustrating when a tenant is not following the rules. Having an attorney who understands the law is important.

I am Eric Mogy, and I founded Mogy Law Firm 10 years ago. I have worked with commercial and residential landlords throughout Tennessee who need help navigating this complex process. In answering your questions, we can find the best possible solution for you.

Strict Policies Are In Place, But Are Often Unfollowed

I represent commercial and residential landlords who rent out apartments and/or homes. I have handled claims of all shapes and sizes due to my extensive knowledge in this area of law. I review leases and contracts, handle disputes involving evictions, help with post-judgment collection efforts and undertake bankruptcy-related matters. Since I am a smaller firm, I can really give each client the focused approach that they deserve. You will have my undivided attention throughout the entire process.

Tennessee has a uniform code for residential landlords/tenant rights. This means that there are particular requirements that must be followed. For example, tenants must provide written notice when they decide to vacate. Unfortunately, tenants don’t often properly follow these requirements. To make matters worse, the courts have been backlogged due to the pandemic. Hearings are getting started again, after all this time. Make sure you have an advocate in your corner. I will do whatever I can to help ensure your rights as a landlord are protected.

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My team and I work with clients from different backgrounds, including those in the Hispanic and African-American communities. I aim to help every person who walks through my door.

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