How To Protect Your Rights After A Personal Injury

If you have suffered a serious injury in a car accident or fell and broke a bone in a public place, you likely face several challenges at once:

  • Pain, suffering and a need for ongoing medical treatment
  • Practical difficulties related to your home and work life
  • Financial pressure, with medical bills and other life expenses piling up
  • Legal questions to resolve about who was at fault and where your compensation will come from

I am Eric Mogy, an experienced personal injury attorney in Memphis, Tennessee. I will fight to protect your right to fair compensation! With years of experience representing the injured, I have valuable advice to offer as you cope with the aftermath of a painful accident.

First, never admit fault, even if you believe you caused your own accident. A detailed investigation can determine how the accident happened. Do not try to come up with an explanation of your own — especially while you are in shock and getting over the trauma.

Second, do not discuss the car, truck or motorcycle accident or your injuries in detail with anyone. Do not answer detailed questions from a police investigator, an insurance company representative or your own family and friends. Be extra careful about sharing information on Facebook, Instagram or CaringBridge. Let family and friends help you manage practical matters as you recover. However, do not engage in long conversations with anyone about “What happened?” or “Why did this happen?” Your words could ultimately harm your case.

Third, preserve all evidence you may have gathered such as photos of the scene and contact information for eyewitnesses. Were you injured through assault in a parking garage? Get a lawyer to help determine whether security cameras were broken or if there is other evidence of inadequate security. Was it a workplace accident? Eyewitness reports can be valuable. You may have a viable third-party liability claim to file in addition to a workers’ compensation case.

Most importantly, contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you get legal protection, the more likely it is that your injury claim or lawsuit will help you recover the compensation you need. Initial consultations for people injured in motorcycle crashes, truck accidents and other accidents are free at Mogy Law Firm. Our fee is contingent which means we only get paid if you get paid. If we don’t recover, you owe us nothing.

Get A Lawyer On Your Side To Learn More About Protecting Your Rights To Fair Compensation

You may be in the emergency room, in the hospital recovering or home. You may face a long road of recovery ahead.

Legal advice may be the most important thing you get. Insurance companies often call immediately after an accident. Don’t let them take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Get an attorney who knows the law and knows your rights!

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